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The Association, his committee and his projects

The Association Eric Roset, photographer was created by some friends of Eric to encourage him in his artistic projects.


The first years, the friends were more oriented to help with practical supoort (hanging photos, transportation of frames, etc.).


This year the committee decided to give new impetus to the Association.


Eric has plans to publish books, exhibition projects, and now, the Association will bring him also financial help.


To do this, the 2008/2009 General Assembly elected a new committee composed of 9 people, all with very different skills and who want to carry out fundraising, grants and partners.


To assist the committee, sillage, communication agency, has been mandated.


Association Eric Roset Photographe

Case Postale 9

1211 Genève 4

CCP: 10-252257-2





Statutes of the Association

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