Pictures of Roma and trailers by Eric Roset


Born in 1972, Eric Roset, Genevan photographer native of France, has fallen beneath the spell of the Gipsies « reading Propser Mérimée’s novels and discovering Emir Kusturica’s movies ». In 1998 he met the Roms for the first time during a trip to Romania. He was shocked at once by the racism that this community is enduring. It was the beginning of a series of trips to Romania (that led to the “Opre Roma ! Stand up Roma ! – pictures of Roma in Romania” exhibition) but also to France and Switzerland visiting different Gipsy communities.

The pictures presented here show different communities of Roma. They were taken in or around their housing. Camping is a way of life that a lot of people long for: living outdoors, traveling, feeling of liberty. But let’s not forget all the difficulties and administrative harassments that our societies, not accepting differences, generate: problems to stop, to find a place to camp, closeness of motorways or railroads, difficulties to have the children go to school, casting out of the native people, etc …  As for the migrating Roma who flee from poverty and segregation and who live in trailers or shanty towns it is of course not their own choosing but because of the necessity to have a roof over their head. “ Eric Roset’s pictures of the Gipsy communities show a mischievous and critical eye. Critical when he shows the crampedness of the housings on a however perfectly green lawn or the frame of a porthole through which you can see three faces and two cigarettes. Mischievous when he catches a playful glimpse showing confidence in the photographer. Eric Roset doesn’t steal his pictures, he shares them. He takes us into his photographical universe showing living conditions that must be denounced here and elsewhere.

Camping is great!, when he sets himself up with his feet in the mud, but also when a little girl does a cartwheel – holiday or permanent residence ? Ironic when he pictures this person from behind respectfully not revealed except having a dialogue with her dog, like a lady on the Champs-Elysées.

“Camping is great”: the double meaning of an emphatic approach that is righteous in its aim, like the right note. The author’s talent is strengthened from one exhibition to the other. His line is more precise and his shooting steadier. Here is a series dedicated to our own region, Switzerland and France. Their camping is great!”


Claire Auzias


translation M-A Schüpfer


Sample of pictures from the exhibition "Camping is fantastic"