Pictures of Roma women


His photographs of women, more than his other subjects and characters, are signed by an idiosyncrasy which is recognizable from afar. These women are ultra-modern, perhaps even post-modern. They live in various European countries, they are rural or urban, live in a caravan or are sedentary. But they are never frozen on glossy paper for the posterity of stereotypes that have done so much in the construction of an imaginary Roma woman...


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einsilden, jenishe

Pictures of Roma and trailers


Eric Roset’s pictures of the Gipsy communities show a mischievousand critical eye. Critical when he shows the crampedness of the housings on a however perfectly green lawn or the frame of a porthole through which you can see three faces and two cigarettes. Mischievous when he catches a playful glimpse showing confidence in the photographer. Eric Roset doesn’t steal his pictures, he shares them...


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roms à Genève

Pictures of Roma in Geneva


One day, traveling in France, Eric meets a small group of Roma. These broke travelers come from Aiud a small town in Transylvania and the aim of their journey is … Geneva. They will draw some money from this city begging, living with no roof, no heating and no water. Other members of their community later join them. Eric Roset gets in touch with these Europeans who sleep under bridges...


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Interview on Léman Bleu about his exhibition "Post Tenebras Roma" about Roma in Geneva.



roms en Roumanie

Images de Roumanie 1999-2011


Sont présentées dans cette exposition des images montrant des Roms dans leur quotidienneté rurale ou urbaine. Les voiciétendant le linge, dansant, cuisinant, tirant l’eau du puit, construisant leur maison, travaillant, attendant leur bien-aimés, rentrant chez eux… Ces photographies sont un hommage à leur savoir-vivre, l’humour et la sagesse, la beauté et la grâce, la folie et...


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