Pictures from Romania 1999 – 2011


«For years, Eric Roset, freelance photographer, living in Geneva, takes pictures of Roma / Gypsies in France, Switzerland and Romania. Once or twice a year, the camera straped, he goes to the Carpathians in his own imaginary caravan. His photographs are a chronicle of Gypsy life, and modest evidence of the flood situation of the ethnic group to the third millennium. The images in this exhibition show the Roma in their everyday rural or urban: They dance, cook, draw water from the well, build their homes, work, waiting for their beloved, stay home ...

These photographs are a tribute to the savoir-vivre, humor and wisdom, beauty and grace, madness and energy of a people who for centuries fascinated Gadji.


If there is a hostile climate between the Roma and a major part of the world, this often encourages photographers to capture this dramatic and exciting despair which is so frequently bend the spine of the marginalized and people slums. But not this time, "Opre" means standing and "Roma" means men or people. This exhibition reflects the admiration against Roma and is an invitation for them to stand and enjoy life as a wonderful gift.»


Roxana Marin.