Pictures are delivered on CD or DVD (depending on the number of pictures), high definition and are free for use. Note that I have a mobile studio.


Possibility of putting images online on the net where a gallery active for a period of one year, protected by a PIN, will be created for this purpose with the possibility of order.


Feel free to contact me for more information.


portraits of adults And children


portrait of a child    portrait of a child    portrait of a child    portrait of a couple    portrait of an adult    portrait of an adult




internationnal center of conference in Geneva  picture of conference  Jean Ziegler  picture of conference  


sport reports


sport report  sport report  sport report  sport report


parties end events


party  report of event  report of event  report of event


pictures for companies


advertising  parfum  advertising  advertising


pictures for your website


sinti-swing  bago  compagniepourrire  ebu




concert  concert  concert  concert


wedding, baptism, birthdays, communions


wedding  cake of wedding  birthday  communion


photography lessons


(framing, setting the aperture and time, using a flash, photoshop retouching, comments on your pictures, etc)